Our Life Under Lockdown

The big girls come falling in the door in a full on fit of excited giggles. It takes five minutes to calm them down enough to find out what adventure has befallen them on their daily walk. It turns out that whilst avoiding ‘the scary sheep who may chase us’ they had inadvertently walked a little close to a young family of pheasants. Mummy pheasant took objection to teenagers near her babies and decided to give chase. Not quite sure how to react to a fierce pheasant hissing and spitting at them the girls had ‘run for their lives!’

It is funny how the children seem to have a reason not to go out for their daily exercise. There is always one other thing to watch on the tv, one more level of the game to finish, something else to read or a need for food before they can possibly get out. Yet within 5 minutes of leaving the house the conversation flows, the humour is good, the mood is lifted, and they are loving it. They are making memories spending time together.

The daily exercise is not only necessary for raising the joy level in our house. With plenty of time to spare, after schoolwork is done, baking and cooking has become part of the routine, so the calories have to be worn off. All of the children take it in turns to try a new recipe each day, it is great to have the time to experiment and put the effort in to making homemade bread, pizza, garlic bread and anything with rhubarb are all favourites.

Although there have been challenges adapting to our new routine, we are certainly enjoying the fact that life is quieter and calmer.  We have got to grips with home schooling via online learning and socialising on zoom and are spending more time just being in each other’s company –  enjoying walking and talking together, sitting in the garden and enjoying the warmth of the sun,  playing board games, reading and catching up with things we never thought we had the time to do before.

We are all of course missing meeting up with and chatting with our friends and family face to face. We know that it is important to stay safe so whatever you are doing, and however you are spending your time, I hope you are keeping well. I look forward to seeing you soon, back at our lovely playgroup for more adventures.

Donna X


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