Our most important job is to provide the best possible experience for each and every child who walks through our door, and to support and work in partnership with their families.

Here are some recent comments we received from our parents:

“I don’t know where to start. Their kindness, empathy and understanding. Teaching and taking the time that ALL the children need. No matter how great or small that need is. I know I leave my children there and they are safe and within a family. Their treatment of the children is perfect, they seem to gently guide them, but have consistent boundaries and the children know what is expected of them.”

“The people who run it are the nicest people ever. So welcoming and accommodating. My child loved everyone there and misses them still.”

“Playing outside in the woods – forest school and woodland adventures. Exploring and being curious about the natural world. Climbing and exploring in a safe environment.”

“Every child should have the opportunity to go to the woods, to interact with nature, dig, bake and be themselves. It is unlike any other setting I have encountered. The team of staff are also wonderful. The playgroup should package their programme and sell it! Train other leaders up and share what they do. My children are happy, confident, know who they are. At school our reception aged child was asked the other day ‘where is your special place?’ He replied “the hills because they’re quiet”. Job done.”

“We just wanted to send an email to say thank you to all the staff for providing such a wonderful place for (child’s name) to enjoy his first term at playgroup. He really loves coming and it’s evident it’s the right place for him he comes out so happy to tell us about his day. We feel so happy to have chosen somewhere that cares so much about all the children and looks after them so well.”

“It’s a community – you know my child well and the care he receives is on a personal level.”

“Everyone is so friendly, my child is able to make friends, memories and be happy.”

“My child likes making friends, the adventures and creating a close bond with the staff.”

“Accessible, friendly, educational.”

“I like the fact that the children spend so much time outdoors. I think the range of activities on offer is fantastic. I also think it’s great that the supervisors and helpers are super caring and really take time to get to know each child.”