A Term at Forest School


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A term at our Forest School could see our children taking part in some of these activities:

Week 1: Hunter gatherers – Make arrows, build a small lean-to den and create homes for animals

Week 2: Mudlarks – Painting with mud, make brushes of moss and sticks and paint a smooth-barked tree

Week 3: May Day celebrations – Help to coppice a sapling and decorate

Week 4: Woodland music – Build a log xylophone, make rhythm sticks and form a woodland band

Week 5: Monster mayhem – Read a monster poem, make mud monsters and decorate

Week 6: Campfire fun – Prepare willow sticks using potato peelers, use to toast marshmallows on campfire

Week 7: Discover spiders – Make a wool web and decorate bushes

Week 8: A royal walk – A walk around the woods, collecting treasures to make crowns

Week 9: Fairies and pixies – Make a magic potion, throw potions around Forest School site

Week 10: Tracks and trails – Go on a hunt for animal footprints and learn to identify different tracks

Week 11: Teddy bears picnic – Hunt the bears using positional language

Week 12: Name badges – Make a name badge, hand-drill a hole in it and decorate