Local Co-op store supports playgroup

Team member, Kirsty Fish, accepts a cheque for £842 on behalf of the playgroup

Our thanks to all the staff at Baslow Co-op store for their fantastic support during 2021.

We were thrilled when we were chosen as one of the Co-op’s community charities and would like to thank everyone who shopped at their local store and supported the playgroup.

One of our team visited the Baslow store and was presented with a cheque for £842. The money raised will be used to improve our forest school and we have already purchased a new Kelly kettle; a hand drill and a brace drill for the children to work with and paracord for erecting shelters on the rainy days.

The store also supported us with snack and baking supplies as well as prizes for events throughout the year which was very much appreciated. We look forward to working with them in the future as we seek new ways to boost our funds.

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