Policies and Procedures

GEP Missing child procedure Sept 2021

GEP Emergency evacuation response procedure Mar 2020

GEP Lockdown procedure Mar 2018

GEP Emergency/temporary closure policy February 2021

GEP Health and Safety Policy April 2018

GEP Our Safety Methodologies Apr 2018

007 GEP Arrival and Departure Procedure (Pavilion) Sept 2021

GEP Arrival and Departure Procedure (Forest School) Apr 2018

GEP Arrival and Departure Procedure (Woodland adventure) Sept 2021

GEP Selecting Equipment Apr 2018

GEP Administering medicines policy and procedure April 2020

GEP Animals in setting May 2018

GEP First Aid Procedure April 2020

GEP Food and Drink Policy April 2020

GEP Health and Hygiene April 2020

GEP Managing allergies April 2020

GEP Nappy changing April 2020

GEP Sun protection policy June 2018

GEP Fee Policy April 2021

GEP Admissions Policy March 2020

GEP Acceptable use of recording devices policy April 2020

GEP Social Media Policy April 2020

GEP Information sharing policy April 2020

GEP Confidentiality and client access policy April 2020

GEP Data retention, storage and disposal procedure April 2020

GEP Child protection policy and safeguarding children procedure April 2020

GEP Dealing with allegations against staff and volunteers procedure April 2020

GEP Whistle Blowing Procedure Jan 2022

GEP Non-Attendance – child missing from education policy Jan 2022

GEP Non collection of children policy Jan 2022

GEP Looked after children policy June 2021

GEP Special Educational Needs Policy June 2021

GEP Valuing diversity and promoting inclusion and equality policy June 2021

GEP Promoting positive behaviour policy June 2021

GEP Complaints procedure June 2021

GEP Settling in policy Mar 2022

GEP Parental Involvement Policy Mar 2022

GEP Visitors policy Mar 2022

GEP Recruitment procedure June 2019

GEP Employment Policy June 2019

GEP Reserves Policy August 2020