Another Satisfied Customer!

This just in from a mum of a two year old who started with us this week –

“Dear Becca,

I just wanted to write to you to say a huge THANK YOU for making A’s first day at pre-school so super. He was already really familiar with you and with the room and its set-up from Mud Kitchen Toddler Group on Fridays, so it was a delight to see you greet each other with real joy when he arrived, to see him happily take off his coat and boots at the coat stand and then confidently toddle off to play with the trains and cars where he knew they would be. Compared to my daughter’s start at nursery elsewhere at that age, this was a dream! He clearly had a fabulous morning, and seeing all the children hiding from us parents with huge, cheeky grins at pick-up just confirmed that. Later, in his hesitant way he told me proudly he had chopped some vegetables and been on a balance bike with Becca!

I can’t imagine a happier place for him to spend his pre-school years and grow some special friendships – thank you again for a very special first day.

A very relieved mum! xx”

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