Exciting News! Willow Den Delivery


Image – creativewillow.com

Update 3 The Narnia weather continues, meaning willow den planting will be delayed. We will let you know more soon.
UPDATE 2 Snow has once again delayed delivery!  The new delivery date is Thursday 5th February at 10am.  Let’s hope it doesn’t snow again.
UPDATE Due to the snow, delivery is delayed by a week.  New delivery time is Thursday 29th January at 12.30 (ish)
We have obtained a willow den for the allotment! 48 willow plants are due to be delivered on Thursday 22nd January at 12.30 (ish).
Are you free to join a working party to help unload and, time permitting, begin laying out and planting?

If you can come along and lend a hand, please RSVP to the Facebook group event or call Robbie on 07856 438773

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