Parents, please spread the word!

Take a stand for child-led education and sign this urgent petition.

You might have spotted the government’s recent proposals to introduce baseline assessments for four year olds just weeks after they start school. The assessments, which are due to be rolled out from September 2015 and then nationally from September 2016, have been rejected by early years organisations as being ‘deeply flawed’ and potentially ‘harmful’ to young children’s development.

As one of Grindleford’s own parents – and an early years to Y2 teacher – says, “a good teacher assesses children from the first time they walk in the school, and should be continually assessing to support individual children’s needs”.

We’re joining the British Association for Early Childhood Education and asking everyone we know to sign their petition. The Government is due to make their next announcement about this at the end of January, so we all need to take a stand now.

Click here for a great news summary of the issues involved and opinions from people in the know including Pre-school Learning Alliance CEO Neil Leitch, by

Click here to sign the British Association for Early Childhood Education’s petition.

Thank you!


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