A new face at Forest School …

… or maybe not so new! You might already have caught up with the news that preschool parent,  writer and blogger Caroline has joined our team of Forest School & Woodland Adventure volunteers. Welcome Caroline! We are supporting Caroline with her Forest School practitioner training, and she has sent the following request to parents. Caroline is currently blogging about her two children’s preschool experience (see our Facebook group for more details).

And while we’re on the subject of Forest School, here’s a huge vote of thanks to ALL of our Forest School and Woodland Adventure volunteers, for all your hard work and enthusiasm. Wednesdays would not be the same without you! Thank you.

Dear All,
I am Tessa and Ewan’s mum. I am starting training as a Forest School practitioner in May, which is why I have just started volunteering on Wednesday mornings with the Woodland Adventurers.
I am writing a blog about the experience of Woodland Adventurers and my training, which you may have already seen. As part of this, I would like to post photos of your children in the woodland environment on my blog.
Can you therefore let me know if you would be happy for your child to appear on photos on my blog or not? I am not using any child’s name (apart from my own children) on the blog. I shall post a link to current posts on the Grindleford and Eyam Playgroup Facebook page, to keep you updated.
Thank you for your support. It is a delight to both work with your children and with the playgroup in such a beautiful location.
With many thanks, Caroline
Caroline Cole

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